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Wireless Password Hacker: 

In an instant, you can unlock the WiFi password of any router placed in your territory within the router's range of your WiFi router. That's right!! The release of the application WiFi hacker would have left many people mesmerized as it was surprisingly given away for free. Robert K Temme proved human perseverance could render any human successful as he succeeded in the release of the application he ever dreamt of and the idea almost seemed a make-believe until the moment it hit the internet. This application will be labelled a castaway for the name it carries and the ignorance of the people is justifiable. People pull their hands off their mouse when they see the latter part of the application's name hacker, and put a lot of effort in thinking this through. But the stakes of getting free WiFi and not having to pay for your phone bills anymore were just too high to let go off this application so easily. People sense a peril situation because of the word hacker in the application. But most of them, just couldn't refuse the lucrative offer of getting free access to data, after all that's the dream of every technology freak today, and download. 


More information at: thewifihacker





The software is more than what you think:

If you are still in the coward’s category, I'm opening your mind now for you to properly understand how the WiFi hacker works. Robert K Temme, co-founder of panaya, a start-up company, which emphasizes on releasing utilitarian freebies, released the first ever application which is just the ideal replacement for "how to hack WiFi password" tutorials, as replacements are meant to be more easy than the original ones. This replacement WiFi hacker does exactly that, it hacks into the WiFi network you want to toy with, using a oversimplified interface, with just maximum 3 clicks away. You can take the risk of watching those sorry tutorials, which really doesn't get you anywhere, and have you hearts tamed with unwelcome results. Download this application and whatever stirring adventures this internet world has to offer, will be had with the WiFi hacker application. I can go on days speaking eloquently of the application's history and design. But a single person yelling out in a lonely room is not even remotely close to being as effective as 1000 people creating an uproar of the application WiFi hacker. Afterall every single individual of this corrupt-driven society, with thousands of money-sucking corporates looting us off our money, deserves to be cordially treated with soaring speed free WiFi to all their gadgets. You can even have a snort of rage at this corporate world and spread this application to make your rage flee. Your resolution, to write a testimonial for the WiFi hacker, might fail you but you just have to step up and keep faith in other innocent people like you to spread WiFi hacker for the betterment of the internet world and will be a nail in the coffin for those hopeless corporates who aren't better than anything but looting money. The mysterious virality is so gradual that these corporates didn't even notice its release yet and we got the time till then to download WiFi hacker.

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